10 Best Photo Editor Apps on Android

Do you like to pursue and cultivate the field of photography using an Android-based smartphone? To support your hobby, maybe you need one of the 10 best photo editing applications below. The reason is, the best photo editing application that will be reviewed is an application that is contemporary by providing various types, funny and unique photo editing features.

Not only that, even this best photo editing application will produce photo edits that are trending now, aka contemporary and slang. So, are there any of the following best photo editing apps that you think deserve to be the best photo editing apps around you?

1. PicsArt

Still the best photo editing application with more than 6 million downloads. This time it comes with the PicsArt application. This application is one of the applications that is on the rise and the current trend. Because the PicsArt application is able to edit photos with current results with overlay effects, make photos transparent and even make photos with dotted lines.

You can edit all of that using the best photo editing application from PicsArt. Not only that, just like the Photo Grid application, PicsArt also offers various kinds of stickers, you can also add text to the photos you edit. Interested? Click here to download the application.

2. Photo Editor Pro – Inshot

Photo Editor Pro is an application created by the developer Inshot. Previously, Inshot succeeded in initiating a video editing application that was quite good and easy to use. Well, this time, Inshot is back with a video editing application with various tools that allow users to edit photos to make them more interesting.

Noted, Photo Editor Pro from Inshot has more than 60 filters, including Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, and many more. In addition, Photo Editor Pro also has interesting effects accompanied by a photo blender and Light FX. No need to bother making bokeh in the photo background, because this application can edit the blur effect for the background. Interested in trying it?

3. Photo Editor & Pic Collage

No need to be bored with the same grid format. With the presence of Photo Editor & Pic Collage from Square Quick, now you can expand your horizons with applications that are so creative and also have many variations.

Now you don’t need to be confused about choosing which photo is the best out of dozens of photos taken, you can combine as many as 20 photos at once to produce artistic collages that are worthy of posting to Instagram.

Not only for making photo collages, this application is also light enough to make simple edits such as adding text, making photos blurry backgrounds, or adding various other effects. Get this app on the Play Store or by clicking here.

4. Picsa Photo Editor

Who says that being a photo editor requires qualified skills? It’s enough to rely on Picsa Photo Editor, anyone can look like a professional editor, you know! Here you can combine various effects such as spirals and drip effects with just a few taps of your finger. Yes, you don’t need a desktop application as complex as Adobe Photoshop to make your photos look great.

Sometimes, you need photos with different aspect ratios for certain platforms. Instead of having to make a distorted photo or crop, you can change the aspect ratio of the photo by adding a background blur. Captured moments can also be made even more festive by adding more than 1000 ready-to-use sticker collections. Curious, right? Just download Picsa Photo Editor directly at this link.

5. YouCam Makeup

Are you lazy to wear make up but still want to be on Instagram? Don’t upload your badass photos to Instastory. Instead, first touch up your face photo with the YouCam Makeup application.

This application is also suitable for those who want to try out lipstick or makeup from a well-known brand virtually. Also suitable for those with sensitive skin and don’t want to try make-up carelessly.

Not only adding filters to photos, but you can also directly apply make over such as changing hair color, changing lip color, directly in real time. Anyway, this app will make you feel like you’re playing salon games on your smartphone. The difference is, instead of using an in-game avatar, you can virtually do your own makeup!

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